Comic 15 - Working from home
23rd Mar 2017, 2:00 PM
Working from home
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Author Notes:
CyanJenkins edit delete
Everyone who works from home with kids knows this feeling. My husband at least has a door the kids must barge through to interrupt. I only have a small corner of the room where they can surround me. Must... Not... draw aggro...
User comments:
RoseLaflesh edit delete reply
One of the many things I remember doing as a kid that make me wonder how I survived childhood. Then I remember that my mom would tell us to play outside.
CyanJenkins edit delete reply
Yes, I enjoyed playing outside as a kid and it's a shame kids today can't play outside without someone calling CPS. The older boys are starting to be old enough to go outside close to home without me watching their every step. (Then they go a climb to the top of the highest tree around) Yes, I'm raising Bran Stark.